ATV Part 4 Research point 1

The Woolmark website is the leading authority on all things wool. It highlights the innovations happening within the wool industry and promotes the use of wool. It has been so successful at connecting the supply chain from farm to fashion, Australian Merino wool can now be seen in the collections of some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands. From the haute couture houses of Europe to emerging streetwear designers in Asia.

The developments section 

The Cotton Incorporated website is a informative website on the newest innovations in cotton. I found the information really interesting and it is good to know that in this world of overused synthetics that natural cotton when it is enhanced by these technologies can be engineered to be as good as top-performance synthetics at wicking moisture or being water-repellent.

I particularly liked the wicking windows technology. On the skin side of the fabric it is printed with moisture repellent chemicals to achieve areas of dry fabric against the skin. Moisture is pulled away from the skin through absorbent windows that channel it to the outside of the fabric. This creates patterns on the fabric surface as it gets wet achieving interesting styling looks.

This website also lists manufacturers of cotton with these new technologies.

This website gives information on the yearly Heimtextil International Trade Fair for Home and Contract Textiles in Frankfurt. The website lists hundreds of exhibitors from ones who sell wool products for acoustic solutions, to weavers and dyers to companies who sell bath accessories and suppliers of contract fabrics to the Hospitality, Leisure, Healthcare and Education sectors. The website is wealth of information in finding suppliers of wholesale products but you have to follow the individual companies links to their website to find out more about the processes they use.

Ashley Martineau

Ashley is a spinner and dyer of art yarns and processed all her own fibres for several years. She also produced fashionwear and accessories as well as fibre art. When her first child was born she stopped selling retail products and focussed her time on graphic and web design. She teaches spinning techniques through her YouTube channel and has written articles and books.

PART 2 Surface and stitch

Project 1 Creating surfaces

After receiving my tutors feedback which was on the whole very positive I felt very enthused to continue with my studies. One thing that became apparent during the first part of my studies was that I had to form a work space in my home. I had been working of the kitchen table and any spare surfaces available. I was wasting time putting my materials away and also found it hard to find to concentrate at times. I gave myself a week to decorate, lay flooring and build furniture to give myself a small studio space. So yeah I was a bit optimistic about the time needed but I now have somewhere to work. The downside of this is I had to put back an assessment date as I hadn’t had time to do my studies. So here I am starting all over again.

Exercise 2.1 Selecting

The aim of this exercise is to help me increase my ability to evaluate and review my work. I am required to select works that will inform my next stage of development.

These are the six pieces I chose

I feel these choices offer me lots of opportunity for ideas and design development. The negative space created using layered leaves produced interesting shapes as well as the build up of the colours. My other leaf painting makes me think of the feeling of movement, like the wind blowing them in the wind.

The drawings of roses remind me of the soft texture and the folding and curling of the petals and the way they wrap around one another. Interesting possibilities for paper and fabric.

The black and white detail of the dress I particularly like. The shapes within it are very strong and an interesting mix of floral and geometric which I would like to focus on and develop.

The other pictures are a mixture of softer lines and detailed patterns which could be interesting to focus in on and play about with.