ATV Part 4 Assignment 4


A Yarn Collection.

I presented my work in a large A4 file. There was a lot of work to present and some of it was quite bulky. Before this work is sent away I will get another folder and make it into two books this way the work will be easier to look through. I have inserted a slide show of my yarn collection below.

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ATV Assignment 4 Written reflection

On starting this part of ATV I was slightly worried that I might find this section uninspiring. During my last video tutorial Pere and I had an interesting discussion and he suggested some artists work I might enjoy looking at. Having looked at their work I came away with lots of wild ideas as to what I might be able to achieve with yarn development. However following the brief to look back at previous work meant I had to rethink a little to fit with the pieces I had chosen to work from.

I feel I made a bit of a slow start with the first pieces, although I feel I did represent the texture and patterns of the initial pictures. I used a lucet to weave the random pattern which was a new skill to me and interwove it with wire. I used a flat weaving technique in Exercise 4.2 which was a slow process and I got a bit bored with it which I think is reflected in the work it produced.

Moving on through the exercises I used a variety of techniques to produce my pieces so by the time I reached Exercise 4.3 I had used a few of the techniques suggested. I opted to try macramé as it was something I didn’t know much about and associated it with planter holders from my childhood!

There are some beautiful pieces of jewellery made with macramé and it was very interesting to try out this new skill. It is something I hope to do more of.

Exercise 4.4 was where I feel I was at my most innovative. Using the watercolour palettes from the glass still life meant I looked at a number of translucent materials in an effort to find different processes to experiment with these ideas. Deconstructing methods consisted of cutting, punching, folding and melting. Some of these produced really nice effects and I was especially pleased with the embroidery threads that I encased in layered plastic sheet that was folded and melted several times, I then cut it into tiny pieces and joined it with translucent thread.

Assessment criteria

I think I have effectively shown a demonstration of technical and visual skills during this part of the course. I have learnt some new skills such as lucet weaving and some basic macramé techniques and I believe I have worked competently to show visual awareness, design and compositional skills. My yarn collection is presented in a coherent manner and I hope reflects and communicates my thoughts and ideas clearly. I feel I have demonstrated creativity in most aspects of this part of the course and I am aware of when an idea I have is working well and of where an idea is going to produce a piece which is not so inspiring or innovative. I am becoming more aware of my work and finding it easier to reflect on opinions, I enjoy researching ideas and it is something I do all the time, however it is something I will need to become better at recording in order to follow my idea processes. I am still keeping a lot of it in my head. I found some exciting information looking at how fibre optics and textiles are being produced and it is something I hope to go back to in the future.