ATV Part 4 Project 1 Exploring lines. Exercise 4.1

Exercise 4.1 Yarns inspired by stitch and marks

Looking back at the stitch work produced in Part 2 and the drawings from Part 1 that inspired them I chose this stitched piece.

Using a variety of yarns I plaited, wove, wrapped and intertwined to produce 30cm explorations with a 1cm and 5cm repeat and a random design.

I further developed my ideas to produce this as one of my 100cm designs. I used leather to represent the brown rough texture of the coat and black shiny cord with black and gold beads to represent the colours and lines in the original drawings and I decorated the large brown buttons and wove them into the design to represent the original drawings.

Using this rose inspired iPad produced drawing I made further examples.

And this drawing inspired this 30cm random design which I produced by cutting a thin strip of white non-slip mat which I stitched with black thread. I then wound it around some thick black cord.

This 100cm yarn was created by overstitching around the edge of white hexagons which I cut from felt and joined by bar tacking. This piece is joined to another section which is a piece of black binding tape that has been twisted and sewn and then I’ve cut leaves from black anti-slip mat and sewn them on. I’ve taken inspiration from the hexagonal and floral shapes in the drawing.

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