ATV Part 5 Introduction

ATV Part 5

I am returning to my studies after a break. I had to take some time off to deal with some personal events and although this course has never been far from my mind. I feel the time has flown by and I need to now make more time for me to continue with my studies. Before this time out I had actually completed and submitted Part 4 of my practical work but still have to update my blog with my processes. I have decided to leave this for now and complete part 5 and will return to it again.

The ATV course guidelines ask us to consider this statement,

‘The studio is a laboratory, not a factory. An exhibition is the result of your experiments, but the process is never-ending. So an exhibition is not a conclusion.’

(Chris Ofili)

This statement makes me feel excited I relish experimenting and although for someone like me as a total beginner everything is an experiment I think Ofili’s approach is how the creative approach works. For me I have lots of ideas, then I spend quite a lot of time reflecting on them and trying to work out how I might achieve them. When I have more refined ideas I research materials and processes and then I will experiment to see how these ideas work out. So on reflection, for me not everything is experimenting there is a lot of thinking and reflection beforehand.

Thinking of an exhibition, or in our case the submission of work, as a result of the experiment rather than a conclusion makes me think it is possible that at that moment in time it is a conclusion. When you have an outcome in my mind and have achieved it that is a conclusion but I can also understand how that could be seen as a result that at some time in the future you may rework or develop into a new work. Although we are not required to present textiles in a final form I do think you can’t help visualising your work if it was developed further.

Younge, G. (2010) After the Elephant Dung: Chris Ofili (Accessed on 29 Nov 2018)

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