ATV 5 Project 1 Developing visual research

I reviewed my visual research from the Introduction and Parts 1 and 2 and other ideas and sketches made during the process of the course. My strengths lie in my more detailed observational drawings and I feel my concept drawings of ideas are a weakness. I find it difficult to convey my ideas from my head to the paper, I expect I lack confidence in this as looking back these sketches tend to be very small.
I have chosen to go with Option 1 Strengthening a theme. This involves going back to look at Part 1 The Introductory Project. My choice of theme for this was ‘Nature’s Larder’.

As we are not constrained to producing just a still-life composition from household objects like we did initially I wanted to strengthen and develop this theme by thinking more about Nature’s Larder and what that meant to me. My development features a lot of investigation into the sea.

Here are some of my drawings.

Watercolour crayons drawing of lobster

Watercolour crayon and pen Bladderwrack

Intaglio print of seaweeds

Acrylics Fish skin

Mixed media Mussel shell

Pencil Honey Bee and honeycombs

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