ATV Part 3 Exercise 3.4 Collage studies

This exercise is to build on collage skills which I previously explored in Part 1 of the course. However, the focus is to be on the exploration and presentation of colour and composition.

I initially took a picture of a corner in my studio.


Using this photograph as a reference I created three collage studies, that capture its colour and composition.

Part 1

A simple colour combination 


The second collage was to be an unusual colour combination. I chose a mix of very vibrant colours for this and a palette I would not usually choose.


The third collage was required to have a complex colour combination. Complexity suggested to me, a wider range of colours and detail.


Part 2

I chose the unusual colour combination to make three further collages as I wanted to use the simple shapes I had picked out in it.

I had some really nice black and white patterned papers and decided to use them to complete a monochromatic study.


I chose to work with a range of blues for the single colour study. As I am blue-green colour blind I thought this might present a challenge for me. I hope I managed to effectively represent the tonal values of the original collage.


The third version required us to be bold and adventurous using a large number of different colours and papers.


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