ATV Part 3 Exercise 3.2 Translation through yarn

This exercise aims to help you work on ways of interpreting colour and colour proportions from an image and to present these as a yarn wrap.

I chose ‘Supper at Emmaus’ by Caravaggio as my Old Masters painting.  I found it quite difficult to buy a good quality postcard size of the image and in the end chose to purchase an A3 print from the National Galleries website.

Finding yarns, ribbons, threads and lace that fitted with the colours was more difficult than I expected. Modern colours have a brightness to them which didn’t accurately convey the colours of the painting. I mainly used embroidery threads, some leather, ribbon and wool.

I made three wraps by using card mount and wrapping the materials around it. The wraps are supposed to convey the colour scheme from horizontal, vertical and the centre of the painting.

I found this exercise to be interesting and challenging. It certainly increased my appreciation of the painting as I studied the play of light and shadows within it. The colour matching went fairly well and I hope I made a good representation of the colours within the painting.

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