ATV Part 3 Research Point 2

Digital colour resources research 

Adobe Colour CC

This allows you to build colour palettes digitally by selecting from a colour wheel or using an image to pick out colours from.

I experimented with this app by using a photographed image of my Old Master’s painting ‘Supper at Emmaus’ by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

I created these three palettes from isolating sections of the painting. You are restricted to five colours per palette which is probably better if you are creating a logo or branding but not so useful if you are looking at a painting. I wasn’t that impressed in terms of interpreting the palette of the painting. It wouldn’t pick up the turquoise blue of the vase or the necktie and several of the colours don’t look like the same shade. However I can see the value of this app if you were trying to create a palette to choose colour for a design. It allows you to use a slider to alter the brightness and values of the colour allowing you to personalise the palette. It also gives you the levels which would be useful for printing purposes. The colour wheel lets you create a palette based on single colour by choosing themes. I think this app could be useful as a starting point to create some ideas or if you were creating digitally printed textiles.

Mudcube Colour Sphere 

This software isn’t available as an app but you can use it directly from the web. It allows you to generate colour gradients, colour palettes and colour blindness tests, which I found amusing. I failed colour blindness tests before and through this app and a little further research I have discovered I have tritanopia and apparently this is quite rare about 1 in 30-50,000 people and generally only 8% of men and 0.5% of women have a colour vision defiiciency! Rather than tests it indicates the colour scheme which someone with the different types of colour blindness would see, which made me think mine must be a mild form of it.

So this software allows you to choose a colour and then form colour palettes based on it such as complementary, neutral, split complementary, tetradic etc. It only chooses colour that have the same saturation and brightness though so while giving some varied palettes they lack depth and tone which would make an artwork more interesting.


An app I tried which was rubbish and didn’t work properly.


This is an open collection of colour palettes which can be used as a resource by anyone.

Color Hunter

An online tool to find and make colour palettes from images. This works very basically choosing random parts of the image. It might be useful if you zoomed in on a section prior to uploading the image. There are no options to change proportions or pick your own palette.

Colour Lovers

An online forum for sharing created palettes and patterns. It allows you to choose images from Flikr but not from your personal image library. It generates six palettes and gives a chart of up to 48 colours from the image. It looks interesting but wasn’t the simplest to use. I had several attempts at finding an image it would import, then couldn’t find the saved palette. I produced it again and screenshot it as I couldn’t find another way of saving it and sharing to WordPress. This looks like an interesting and advanced tool provided you have the time and patience to learn how to use it.



An interesting little app where you can either take a photo or choose from your library and it will give you multiple layouts of the colour palettes it produces, you can reproduce Hex codes and save to your own image library for sharing. However recently it is only showing photos from my library which I have used elsewhere online so I’m unsure if a recent IOS update has affected its productivity. You can add up to 11 colours in the palette and display them in varying layouts on the image. It’s fun to use and quite simple, but like the other apps it didn’t pick up the correct shades in the Caravaggio painting.

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