ATV Part 1, Project 3 Picking and Portraying 

Exercise 1.7 Sources and media

Choosing sources from nature opens up so many possibilities but maybe slightly less as we are currently in the middle of Autumn and it is particularly wet and windy at the moment. So no sitting painting in the middle of a flower laden meadow for me. Luckily my neighbour is a great gardener and still has roses in bloom, I also picked a horse chestnut leaf but wasn’t quick enough to do my studies from it afterwards and it dried up on me so I collected some Japanese maple leaves from my garden. During Autumn they turn from a green to a stunning red and it is hard to not be captivated by the colour.

As we were encouraged to be bold, experimental and try new things I had decided after researching David Hockney’s works using iPad and iPhone to experiment with the Brushes Redux app. It was interesting to use it but I couldn’t work out how to transfer my work between my phone and ipad and it was only possible to save as an image then blow up to print it. This lost some of the definition. However I did feel that this is something I would like to pursue further, possibly trying other apps too. I was pleased with my rose but not so pleased with the outcome of my idea for the leaf. I had an idea to try and portray the colour bleeding out of the leaf.

Exercise 1.8 Portraying by drawing

Other ideas and techniques I wanted to explore were using watercolours which I had not used before and using felt pen, coloured pencil and mechanical pencil to convey the leaves line, colours and texture.

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