ATV Part 1, Project 2 Exercise 1.6 Detail and definition

I felt more comfortable approaching this exercise than lines and edges. Looking closely at the details is perhaps more suited to my personality. My archive items had lots to choose from in terms of detail and I decided to close in on a section of the Paisley pattern on the shawl. Initially while starting on it I was captured by the botanical shapes but after quite a long time looking closely at it some of the patterns started to appear to have a more threatening appearance. Haha I’m not sure what this says about me but maybe you may agree after looking at my drawing which I started referring to as Octupussy!

I chose a button from the coat to do a detailed pencil drawing of

I had a try at some of the stitching from the mended sections of the shawl and from the reverse, but found these to be incredibly frustrating and I got bored easily 

I then returned to the more beautiful detail on the cocktail dress. I chose to use tracing paper which I felt conveyed the weight of the material and used grey waterproof pen to accurately trace detail from the skirt of the dress which I copied from a photograph that I had blown up on a photocopier.

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