ATV Introductory Project Stage 2 Observing qualities 

As I started the one thing that became obvious was I really needed to get some art materials. I started with a few pencil drawings on some notebook paper. 

The lacy knitted scarf gave me some difficulty in portraying the detail of it.

I used a rotary pencil to show the stitched detail on the cushion.

I folded the piece of suede so that it showed the front and reverse of the material. I used a black water soluble felt pen to try to convey the fuzzy texture and blurred some areas to convey tone too. I’m not sure I was entirely successful.

I used charcoal to try a quicker way of documenting a simpler group of the items. I wanted to capture the fluid movement of the scarf and the black shiny surface of the small fabric square.

And finally I reverted back to pencil using a range from HB to 4B to portray a detailed drawing of the group of items.

I also completed some observational drawings of a skull at a later date. These fitted with my original thoughts on the living and dying process and how in death most natural objects become food for something else.

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